"In the holidays, we were always hearing our friends with kids with additional needs saying 'I just need a bit more time'."

LS29 Time was set up in 2018 by members of the LS29 Special Needs Support Group, a thriving charity for families in the Ilkley area.


LS29 is run by parent-carers who have children with additional needs, so the charity knows how challenging the holidays can be for both children and care-givers.

Parent-carers need respite time to work, get on with chores, and to give some attention to any children in the family without disabilities.

Children with additional needs also need time – to spend away from the family home and mix with friends. But this can be difficult to organise if they travel to schools a long way away so don’t have a local peer group, or if they struggle with busy, mainstream holiday childcare settings.

As there were few other accessible holiday activities in the local area, LS29 started fundraising to try to solve the problem, at least a little bit. 

LS29 Time Holiday Club now runs in the Bradford Local Authority holidays, offering specialist holiday care for disabled young people.